(I) Core Competitiveness
Forward-looking strategy and business planning
Concentrate to operation professionalization and international expansion strategies
Persistent product development and innovation
Excellent resources and asset management capabilities
Advanced and comprehensive risk and technology management system
High-quality and long-term motivated human capital
(II)Financing Products and Services
(1)Financial leasing
Help lessees meet their financing target through assets leasing; simple application process.
Flexible terms and rents set according to lessees’ financial status.
(2)Operating leasing
Reduce or maintain lessees’ asset-liability ratio; boost ROA (return on asset) ratio without increasing total assets.
Set appropriate rents; ensure a reasonable profit increase for lessees by transferring some profit from high-yield years to low-yield years.
Create conditions for lessees to conveniently manage tax payments.
Provide lessees with the right to use equipments with no change on lessees’ balance sheet.
Effective cash flow balance.
(3)Sales and lease-back
Lessees sell their proprietary fixed assets and lease them back, so as to mobilize the inventory assets and get cash flow.
(4) Leveraged lease
Make full use of financial leverage to meet lessees’ demand for equipments which are capital intensive and long-lived.
(5) Vendor leasing
Expand sales channels for equipment manufacturers and wholesaler and help them collect sales payments.
(6)Pre-delivery payment financing
Carriers may enter into purchase contracts with an aircraft manufacturer by which the aircraft manufacturer may require the carrier to make a PDP at a certain percentage of the total contractual sum. The Company can, under the condition that the carrier provides an appropriate guarantee or other warranties, provide the carrier with financing services for this stage according to the schedule of PDP.
(7)Aircraft pledge
Whereas an aircraft has a clear property definition, is not subject to any pledge, has obtained various certificates and business licenses, complies with flight conditions and insurance terms, YIL can provide a loan at 30%-100% of the pledged value so long as the pledge has gone through registration procedures, and the insurance-related rights and interests have been altered.
(8)Financial advisory
According to the carrier’s need for sale or purchase of equipment, financial statement optimization, and business restructuring, the Company can reasonably utilize domestic and international equity-based financing instruments, debt-based instruments, derivative financial instruments and other innovative financial instruments, on the basis of our professional experience in aviation leasing, to provide tailor-made structural financing solutions for our customers and help them adjust their financial structure, reduce their financial cost and improve their financial situation.
(9)Risk management
In order to minimize the influence of fluctuations in the domestic and international financial markets, the Company can, with the operational and financial characteristics of various industries and carriers taken into account, use various financial instruments, derivatives and their combinations to help carriers adjust the structure of expected revenues and debt structure, effectively ward off financial risks arising from changes in the domestic and international economic environment, and manage to keep the financing cost and risk management cost within a range acceptable to our clients.

(III)Financing Modes
Bank loans
Strategic investment
Debt securities
Asset financing
Insurance capital
Industry fund
Asset based securitization